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El Correo_24/05/16_Artículo

El Correo_24/05/16_Artículo

casting a greek corinthian style helmet

Here I post some pictures of the process of casting a greek helmet. A type of helmet from around the VI-V b.c. The job was done by Master Daniel Vidal Medina, an FX artist. It was an inmense pleasure to see him work with such care and love for the project. I brought in the idea and the obsession with the design… he understood me and my craziness with such a perfection that I got impressed and delighted. It was all a lot of fun!. Thanks a lot to Daniel and Pedro Rodriguez for being amazing Fx professionals!.

composición Proceso1Doblepagina25cm

“battle of Nördlingen” a quick painting process view


Article about a History Painting Comission

The Article talks about how Miguel Ricardo de Alava y Esquivel, from the city of Vitoria, in Spain, got a little rough and in the year of 1815 he decided to rescue the spanish paintings that the French had looted during the Napoleonic wars. This all happened in the Louvre, Paris, where the french had gathered all sort of looted stuff from all over Europe.

The most interesting part is that this paintings, once back in Spain, became the base for the actual Museums like el Prado and the Academia of San Fernando in Madrid. Not many people know that. We enjoy the art in there, but very rarely know about how, why or who made it possible.

There is also a brief explanation of the planing for commemorating the event in Vitoria and in Madrid too. ( If you wish to read the original article in spanish, you could do so in the “Links” section “artículo en el Correo 2015”.

Have fun! ,      Mikel.

El Correo 31/05/15

El Correo 31/05/15

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