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The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist_150cmx200cm_59x78,74In_Oil on Linen

Master Teofilo M. Rodriguez (Madrid ) applying gold leaf_ Teófilo Moro Rodriguez aplicando pan de oro


Teófilo Moro Rodriguez ( Madrid), de casi 90 años aplica pan de oro a la corona de San Juan Bautista. Años de experiencia resumidos en un muy preciso y experto instante. Ha sido un placer verle trabajar.

Teofilo Moro Rodriguez the Master gilder from Madrid applying gold leaf with expertise to the halo of St. John the baptist. He is almost 90 years old and it has been a pleasure to see him work with the expertise of his craftsmanship.

A fine VI-V BC. Corinthian style Greek helmet…_Casco Griego de estilo Corintio (s.VI-V a.c.)

cast corinthian style greek helmet cast

corinthian style greek helmet cast

Artículo en “El Correo”_Article in newspaper

El Correo_24/05/16_Artículo

El Correo_24/05/16_Artículo

casting a greek corinthian style helmet

Here I post some pictures of the process of casting a greek helmet. A type of helmet from around the VI-V b.c. The job was done by Master Daniel Vidal Medina, an FX artist. It was an inmense pleasure to see him work with such care and love for the project. I brought in the idea and the obsession with the design… he understood me and my craziness with such a perfection that I got impressed and delighted. It was all a lot of fun!. Thanks a lot to Daniel and Pedro Rodriguez for being amazing Fx professionals!.

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