Art Renewal Center holds an auction hosted by Sotheby’s NY

Works from the 16th International ARC Salon Exhibition will participate in an auction by Sotheby’s NY.

The Summoning ( Sea Witch II)_89x162cm_35x63'7In_Oil on Linen

The Summoning ( Sea Witch II)_89x162cm_35x63’7In_Oil on Linen

The bidding will take place throughout the duration of the show, July 14 – July 24, 2023, while the exhibition as a whole is on view at Sotheby’s NY, 1334 York Ave., New York City.

Editorial Artwork “Battle of Salamis” animated with some audio

This is a very brief video of  the oil painting “Battle of Salamis”, an editorial artwork of 35x 54cm_14 x 21In,

“Batalla de Salamina” Pintura al óleo de Mikel Olazabal (35x54cm) a modo de ilustración editorial para representar un combate naval que enfrentó a una alianza de ciudades estado griegas contra el imperio persa ( 480 a.c.), en el estrecho de la isla de Salamina cerca de Atenas.


“Battle of Salamis” Oil painting by Mikel Olazabal (14x21In) as an editorial artwork to represent a naval battle fought between an alliance of greek city states and the persian empire ( 480 BC), in the strait of Salamis near Athens.

Artwork by @mikelolazabal